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Something's gotta give

Story_ Deerwhale
Art_ Haeyeon

Genre_ BL
28세 학원 강사 김하재는 어느 날 자신의 고3 수능날로 되돌간다. 원인은 한 건의 전화 통화. 하재가 십 년 간 짝사랑해 왔던 친구, 최차혁의 결혼식 청첩장을 받은 뒤 술에 취해 건 전화 때문이었다. 짝사랑 상대와 그의 연인이 아예 처음부터 만나지 못했더라면 하고 빌었던 미련. 거기에 응답하듯 그 두 사람이 아직 만나지 못한 과거로 되돌아온 하재는 경악한다. 곧 그는 길고 지겨웠던 짝사랑을 끝내기 위해 움직이기 시작하는데...


Hajae Kim, a 28-year-old cram school teacher, realizes that he has returned to the day he was taking the college entrance exam. Everything started with a phone call. He calls his friend, who he had a crush on for ten years. He was invited to his friend Chahyeok Choi’s wedding. Later he gets drunk and calls him. “I wish you never met Baekna….” He wished that the man he loves never met his fiancé. As if his wish had been answered, Hajae travels back in time to the point where the couple had not met yet. Now he has to think and act fast, to put an end to his long and painful crush.