사형수 실화냐

My friend, Mr. Death row

Story_ Momoko
Art_ BANG Eunwoo

Genre_ Thriller / Action / School
교내 최고의 왕따 콤비인 주환과 민재. 어느 날, 교통사고를 당한 민재의 몸에 30년 전 사형 당한 사이코패스 태수의 영혼이 빙의된다. 이 사실을 알게 된 주환은 그의 살인 본능을 막기 위해 고군분투하는데... 주환은 태수의 살인을 막고 친구 민재를 지킬 수 있을까?


Juhwan and Minjae are the biggest wimp duo in their high school. One day, when Minjae was involved in a car accident, the spirit of Taesu, a psychopath criminal who had been executed in the past, reborn in Minjae’s body. Juhwan finds out what happened to his friend, and he tries all he can to stop the killer instinct. This story began with a simple question, “What if your best friend suddenly turned into a merciless psychopath killer?”. The story portrays a wimpish boy and a psychopath, who start to find out and understand each other little by little. Aren’t we all just human beings after all?