달달한 그녀

Blood type L

Story_ S
Art_ Nalchi

Genre_ Romance / Fantasy
세계 인구가 급증하고 피가 풍족해져, 뱀파이어는 인간의 피를 와인처럼 숙성시켜 마시는 시대. 그중 최고의 와인 제작사 킹스턴 와이너리의 대표 자리를 친형에게 빼앗긴 해리는 한국의 작은 와인바에서 혈액 브로커로 살아간다. 어느 날, 해리를 찾아온 여고생 연서가 천문학적인 가치의 피를 가졌음을 알고 연서에게 혈액 제공 독점 계약을 제안한다. 돈이 필요한 연서는 계약을 받아들이고 해리의 관리를 받게 되면서 종을 초월한 로맨스가 싹터 가는데…


After the rapid increase of population, the vampires are abundant with blood, and they start to become picky about the taste of it. It leads to an era where they age human blood like wine. Harry, the chairman of Kingston Winery, the leading company in the business, loses his company to his older brother Max. Kicked out of the company that was once his, Harry is now running a small wine bar in Korea, where he also trades blood illegally. Then one day, a called Yeonseo visits the wine bar. Harry senses that even though her blood is now immature, it could be worth a lot of money when aged properly. Since Yeonseo needed money desperately, she makes an exclusive contract to sell her blood for 300k won per pack. Harry tries to age her blood to make some top-quality wine, to get back in business. And that’s when interracial romance begins…