인기는 무언가 잘못되었다

Who can define Popularity?

Artist_ Tak bon

Genre_ BL / Daily
어딜 가든 남녀노소 늘 인기를 독차지하는 ‘차시원’. 시원은 어릴 때, 못생겨서 인기가 없을 거라는 동생의 비웃음에 큰 충격을 받고 자신을 혹독하게 변화시켜 잘생긴 외모를 갖게 되었다. 대학에 입학한 시원은 본인이 가장 인기 있을 거라 믿어 의심치 않지만, 눈부신 외모, 성적, 집안, 성격 그 무엇 하나 빠지지 않는 그야말로 인기 절정인 ‘형다운’을 만나게 되는데..!


Siwon Cha is popular among people where ever he goes. In his childhood, Siwon was teased by his younger sister that he’s ugly. Since then, Siwon put a great deal of effort to become handsome, and he has succeeded. Being in college now, Siwon did not doubt that he will be the most beloved person on the campus. However, there is a guy called Daun Hyeong, who has a perfect look, gets straight A’s, comes from a rich family, and even has a great personality.