Story_ S
Art_ KANG Minseok

Genre_ Thriller / Drama
거대 자본의 노예가 되어 버린 시대. 한강의 기적이라 불리는 대한민국 성공만큼, 그 이면에 숨겨진 더러움은 수십 년 동안 쌓이고 쌓여 견고하고 거대하다. 언제나 그랬듯, 검사 이세원과 형사 김도훈을 이용한 후 폐기처분하려던 권력. 그러나 세원과 도훈의 목숨은 쉽게 끊어지지 않는다. 오히려 두 사람의 반격으로 권력의 추한 얼굴이 드러나기 시작한다.


From a distance, a permanent snowfield would look spectacular, but when you go near it, it’s a totally different story. The corruption, that had been piled and frozen for a vast time, now starts to melt. The age of slavery. Capitalism. The influence of capital on politics, the law, the press, administration, and finance is only getting stronger as time flows. As the modernization of Korea is often praised as a miracle, the filth, hidden on the other side of the success, has been constantly stacking. Now it is firm and huge. As always, the authority was planning to use a prosecutor called Sewon Lee and a police detective Dohun Kim, and throw them in the dumpster. However, Sewon and Dohun are not willing to give up their lives easily. They fight back and reveal the ugly side of the authority.