Lee Gwak, the Warrior

Story_ RYU Kumchul
Art_ Woogak
평범한 무인이었던 이곽, 신마련의 관일현에게 무참히 폭행을 당하게 되고, 사지를 쓸 수 없게 된다. 모든 것을 잃었다고 생각했을때 유일한 희망이었던 유가술, 지푸라기라도 잡는 심정으로 유가술을 익히게 되고 유가술 덕분에 이곽은 몸을 회복하게 된다. 그리고 이곽은 두번 다시 과거처럼 평범한 무인이 아닌 진짜 무인이 되고자 한다.


Lee Gwak, an ordinary military officer, loses the ability to use his arms and legs after being brutally beaten by Gwan Ilhyeon of Shinmaryeon clan. In the depths of despair, Gwak starts learning the “Jade Temple System”, thinking he has nothing left to lose. After mastering the ultimate somatic technic, his body recovers from the disability. And now, Gwak promises to himself that he will not live as an ordinary martial artist as he was in the past, and continues to train in order to become a true warrior.