Story_ Ju_niverse
Art_ Lee Chae

Genre_ Romance / Morden fantasy
만화가인 아빠의 작품 중에서 강철이 최애캐인 연주는 평범한 일상을 보내던 어느 날 생일파티를 하게 되었다. 그런데 잠깐 잠이 든 사이에 이상한 곳에서 눈을 뜨게 되고 눈앞에는 만화 속에만 보던 캐릭터 주인공, 강철이 서있었다. 정신 차려보니 이곳은 현실이 아닌 만화 속 세계랑 너무 똑같았다.


Among his father's works as a cartoonist, Kang Chul's favorite character, Yeon-ju, had a birthday party one day when she was spending her ordinary life.
However, while falling asleep for a while, she opened her eyes in a strange place, and in front of her stood Kang Chul, the character that she had only seen in the cartoon.
When I woke up, this place was too much like the world in cartoons, not reality.